Build the Azure SSO login page in Blazor Server application with SAML

What is SSO and How it works?

  1. The user tries to access a web application (for example, the Outlook Web App — from a domain-joined corporate device inside your corporate network.
  2. If the user is not already signed in, the user is redirected to the Azure AD sign-in page.
  3. The user types in their user name into the Azure AD sign-in page.
  4. Using JavaScript in the background, Azure AD challenges the browser, via a 401 Unauthorized response, to provide a Kerberos ticket.
  5. The browser, in turn, requests a ticket from Active Directory for the AZUREADSSOACC computer account (which represents Azure AD).
  6. Active Directory locates the computer account and returns a Kerberos ticket to the browser encrypted with the computer account’s secret.
  7. The browser forwards the Kerberos ticket it acquired from Active Directory to Azure AD.
  8. Azure AD decrypts the Kerberos ticket, which includes the identity of the user signed into the corporate device, using the previously shared key.
  9. After evaluation, Azure AD either returns a token back to the application or asks the user to perform additional proofs, such as Multi-Factor Authentication.
  10. If the user sign-in is successful, the user is able to access the application.

How to code on Blazor application to implement the SSO login page

How to test our application on your local




A hacker and a passionate developer

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Kevin (Xiaocong) Zheng

Kevin (Xiaocong) Zheng

A hacker and a passionate developer

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